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Principles of Sustainability

ACI Sustainability Definition: The ability to improve the quality of life for this and future generations, by creating products that promote hygiene and cleanliness, are environmentally sound, and are economically successful.

ACI’s Sustainability Mission: To benefit society and improve quality of life through hygiene and cleanliness by driving sustainability improvements across our industry and throughout the supply chain.

Preamble – Principles for Sustainability

The members of American Cleaning Institute are committed to the continuous enhancement of human health and quality of life through the responsible formulation, production, sale and use of cleaning products and ingredients.

The members of American Cleaning Institute will strive to meet the following commitments to advance human health and environmental quality, social well-being, and economic growth. The Institute will support its members in meeting these commitments.

Human Health / Environmental Sustainability

  • To only market products that have been shown to be safe for humans and the environment, through careful consideration of the potential health and environmental effects, exposures and releases that will be associated with their production, transportation, use and disposal.
  • To promote transparent communication of safety, handling and environmental information across the chain of commerce.
  • To support basic research to resolve uncertainties around human and environmental safety when they arise.
  • To obey the spirit and intent of all national laws and regulations.
  • To promote sustainable innovations that will help reduce the overall environmental impacts of our industry.

Social Sustainability

  • To contribute to a better quality of life for our consumers, business partners, employees and the communities in which we operate.
  • To develop products and ingredients that effectively deliver claimed benefits.
  • To promote the safe use of our products with the public.
  • To support society’s efforts to enhance public health and well-being through improved hygiene and sanitation.
  • To maintain a high level of product stewardship throughout the chain of commerce.
  • To operate our manufacturing facilities with due regard to the health and safety of our employees, the communities in which we operate and the wider environment.

Economic Sustainability

  • To contribute to value creation, including economic prosperity and continuity for the industry's shareholders, employees and communities.
  • To add value for the consumer through continuous product innovations.