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Meet the ACI team! We are experts in our fields and veterans and specialists in communications, consumer education, government affairs, international work, research and technical affairs. We understand health and hygiene issues and apply our strategic expertise to issues that will help achieve a safer, healthier and cleaner world.

Ernie Rosenberg
President & CEO
1331 L Street NW View Small
American Cleaning Institute
1331 L Street, NW Suite 650
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 347-2900
Fax (202) 347-4110
Sandra Andrade
Sandra Andrade
Manager, Meetings and Membership
(202) 662-2521
Leonard Bellasario
Leonard Bellisario
Manager, Government Affairs
Helen Benz 2012
Helen Benz
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Melissa Bernardo 2012
Melissa Bernardo
Sr. Manager, Sustainability Initiatives
(202) 662-2518
 Nancy Bock 2012
Nancy Bock, M.S.
Sr. VP, Meetings & Education
Jacob Cassady 2012
Jacob Cassady
Associate Director, Government Affairs
Martha Chapin 2012
Martha Chapin
Associate Director, Education & Web Services
(202) 662-2509
Edgar Chavez
Edgar Chavez
HR & Accounting Manager
Paul DeLeo 2012
Paul DeLeo, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President, Environmental Safety
Helen Douglas   2010 [320x200]
Helen Douglas
Darci Ferrer
Darci Ferrer
Manager, Environmental Sciences
Ceara Flake 
Ceara N. Flake
Director, Legal Affairs
Shawnte Furbush Jones   2010 [320x200] Shawnte’ Furbush-Jones
Education Coordinator
Fran Kruszewski 2012 Fran Kruszewski, Ph.D., DABT
Director, Human Health & Safety
Eric Perkins   2010 [320x200]
Eric Perkins
Office Assistant
Brian Sansoni 2010[320x200]
Brian Sansoni
VP, Sustainability Initiatives
VP, Communication & Membership
(202) 662-2517
Rich Sedlak1 [320x200]
Richard Sedlak
Executive VP, Technical and International Affairs
Kathy Stanton   2010 [320x200]
Kathleen Stanton, M.S.
Director, Technical and Regulatory Affairs
Wanda Stokes 2010 [320x200]
Wanda Stokes-Cartwright 
Director of Administration
Doug Troutman   2008   hi res [320x200] 
Douglas Troutman
General Counsel &
Vice President, Government Affairs
Ugur Usumi
Ugur Usumi
Director, Information Technology