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Our Future is Clean FAQ

Our Future is Clean

What is the Our Future is Clean campaign?

Our Future is Clean is ACI’s bold new campaign highlighting the cleaning industry’s efforts toward a clean, sustainable world and to promote consumers’ health and well-being. The campaign brings together ACI’s members, including the biggest companies in the cleaning sector, to help achieve a more sustainable planet and promote well-being. 

Why did ACI start the campaign? 

Our members and their consumers want our industry act faster, think bigger, be fearless and implement ever-more innovative solutions to reduce its footprint and ensure our resources and ecosystems are preserved for future generations. 

Actions taken individually, and more importantly collectively, in the next five to ten years could shape our planet for decades, even centuries, to come. Our Future is Clean will showcase and promote those actions in an effort to drive further progress and identify areas ripe for collaboration both within and beyond our industry. 

What is the goal of the campaign? 

Our Future is Clean aims to bring our members together to make a real difference through actions and commitments to protect the environment. We also aim to engage consumers to help them learn about our products and make informed choices on the things they buy and use. 

Through the campaign, we will:

  • provide calls to action that help address the pressing global social and environmental problems we are facing today.
  • encourage member companies to share their actions and accomplishments, in an effort to encourage further action within the industry and with our consumers. 
  • engage media with ACI’s sustainability story. 

What are the key messages of the campaign? 

Our key messages are simple and clear. Our Future is Clean aims to:

  • show how the cleaning industry is helping create a clean, sustainable world.
  • show our support for global sustainable development and the UN SDGs.
  • engage consumers through open, transparent communication to help them be better informed about the cleaning products they buy. 

How long has ACI focused on sustainability? 

ACI was an early mover on sustainability, taking the lead more than 15 years ago. Since then, we’ve worked with the industry and beyond to help set goals, track progress and push innovations. 

Why is sustainability a focus for ACI and its members?

Our purpose is to advance the health and quality of life of people and protect our planet. To achieve this, we believe it is necessary to strive for a vibrant, sustainable future. Quite simply, if actions are not taken now, the consequences for our industry, our customers and the wider world could be enormous. ACI recognizes that the world belongs to all of us, and the global challenges we face can only by met through everyone working together.

What is ACI’s sustainability strategy and goals?

Our strategy is to unite the cleaning products industry under a clear vision for the future. We’re pushing a proactive, forward-thinking approach, encouraging the industry to be bolder and to take collective action. In this way, we believe we will achieve greater impact across our four critical goals, which are to:

  • Increase transparency;
  • Reduce emissions
  • Value nature; and
  • Contribute positively. 

How does the campaign relate to ACI’s sustainability goals?

Our strategy and goals can only be achieved through positive action by businesses throughout our industry. Our Future is Clean will therefore involve active participation from businesses across our membership, including some of the largest companies in the cleaning products industry. Together, our members will be taking part in a campaign and initiatives that will drive progress toward our goals, helping build the cleaner, healthier world we seek.

How are companies working together on this campaign?

ACI has always provided opportunities for our members to come together and collaborate. As well as encouraging feedback from our members that can be shared and learnt from, we also appreciate the power of collaboration to push our industry forward. By working together, sharing knowledge, and developing joint initiatives and ideas, we can achieve so much more than on our own. 

How are companies participating in this campaign?

Our members will be playing an active part in our campaign, engaging consumers and the media to showcase and promote the work they are doing to build a more sustainable world. By sharing their actions, achievements, and aspirations we hope to celebrate progress and inspire more collaboration both within our membership and with external partners.

What do you want consumers to learn?

It’s essential that consumers have trust in the products they buy and use in their homes. They need to feel confident those products and their ingredients are safe, to humans, animals, and the environment. 
We are also enthusiastic about celebrating and promoting our members’ sustainability work and success stories. Through our campaign, we can help consumers learn about the many actions our members are taking to achieve a cleaner world.

Where can I find more information on the campaign?

To find out more, and to sign up to be part of Our Future is Clean, email or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook