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To search for an ingredient in a cleaning product, you may use the search box below, or click the link to see a list an alphabetical listing of all of the ingredients included in the Ingredient Inventory. The list can be searched by entering either the ingredient CAS number or name or partial name into the search box. Clicking on each ingredient name will lead to a new page that provides a summary of the hazard and exposure data collected, along with a summary of the screening-level risk assessment results.

Why can't I find the name for an ingredient on the Inventory?

There are many different naming conventions that can be used to refer to the same ingredient. To compile the Inventory, multiple names for the same ingredient were often consolidated; also, names that were general were related to more specific sets of ingredients. If the name of the ingredient you are looking for does not appear below, you can access the Ingredient Naming Translator. The Translator lists all of the possible naming conventions for an ingredient that were encountered in the survey of products and identifies the standardized names or names associated with it.

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