The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

Research Studies

Year Title Chemical Class Subject

Management Options for Reducing the Release of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance Genes to the Environment

Author : Pruden A, Larsson DG, Amézquita A, Collignon P, Brandt KK, Graham DW, Lazorchak JM, Suzuki S, Silley P, Snape JR, Topp E, Zhang T, Zhu YG.

Antimicrobials Safety

Occurrence and risk screening of alcohol ethoxylate surfactants in three U.S. river sediments associated with wastewater treatment plants

Author : Hans Sanderson, Remi van Compernolle, Scott D. Dyer, Bradford B. Price, Allen M. Nielsen, Martin Selby, Darci Ferrer, Kathleen Stanton

Surfactants Monitoring

Estimating Fatty Alcohol Contributions to the Environment from Laundry and Personal Care Products using a Market Forensics Approach

Author : Stephen Mudge and Paul C. DeLeo

Surfactants Methods

Fatty Alcohols in the Riverine Environment: The effect of wastewater treatment type and Eco-region

Author : Stephen M. Mudge

Surfactants Risk Assessment

Long-Term Study on Landscape Irrigation Using Household Graywater-Experimental Study

Author : Sybil Sharvelle, Larry A. Roesner, Yaling Qian Mary Stromberger Masoud Negahban Azar

Cleaning Products Wastewater Treatment

Industry Sponsored Asthma Science Forum: Report of Workshop held May 10, 2011, Arlington, Virginia

Author : Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA)

Cleaning Products Asthma

The fate of high volume personal care product chemicals (fatty alcohols) in riverine environments: the effect of treatment type and Eco-region

Author : Steven Mudge and Paul DeLeo

Surfactants Fate

Environmental Release, Environmental Concentrations, and Ecological Risk of N,N-Diethyl-m-Toluamide (DEET)

Author : Dallas Aronson, John Weeks, Bill Meylan, Patrick D Guiney, Philip H Howard

General Exposure assessment

The toxicology and immunology of detergent enzymes

Author : David Basketter, Ninna Berg, Francis H. Kruszewski, Katherine Sarlo, and Beth Concoby

Enzymes Toxicity

Relevance of sensitization to occupational allergy and asthma in the detergent industry

Author : David Basketter, Ninna Berg, Francis H. Kruszewski, Katherine Sarlo, and Beth Concoby

Enzymes Risk Management