The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

Research Studies

Year Title Chemical Class Subject

Estimating Fatty Alcohol Contributions to the Environment from Laundry and Personal Care Products using a Market Forensics Approach

Author : Stephen Mudge and Paul C. DeLeo

Surfactants Methods

Collection and Dissemination of Exposure Data throughout the Chemical Value Chain - A Case Study from a Global Consumer Product Industry

Author : Hans Sanderson, William Greggs, Christina Cowan-Ellsberry, Paul DeLeo & Richard Sedlak

Cleaning Products Risk Assessment

An expert panel report of a proposed scientific model demonstrating the effectiveness of antibacterial handwash products.

Author : Boyce, J.M., DuPont, H.L., Massaro, J., Sack, D., Schaffner, D.W.

Antimicrobials Efficacy

Fatty Alcohols in the Riverine Environment: The effect of wastewater treatment type and Eco-region

Author : Stephen M. Mudge

Surfactants Risk Assessment

Long-Term Study on Landscape Irrigation Using Household Graywater-Experimental Study

Author : Sybil Sharvelle, Larry A. Roesner, Yaling Qian Mary Stromberger Masoud Negahban Azar

Cleaning Products Wastewater Treatment

Industry Sponsored Asthma Science Forum: Report of Workshop held May 10, 2011, Arlington, Virginia

Author : Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA)

Cleaning Products Asthma

The fate of high volume personal care product chemicals (fatty alcohols) in riverine environments: the effect of treatment type and Eco-region

Author : Steven Mudge and Paul DeLeo

Surfactants Fate

Environmental Release, Environmental Concentrations, and Ecological Risk of N,N-Diethyl-m-Toluamide (DEET)

Author : Dallas Aronson, John Weeks, Bill Meylan, Patrick D Guiney, Philip H Howard

General Exposure assessment

The toxicology and immunology of detergent enzymes

Author : David Basketter, Ninna Berg, Francis H. Kruszewski, Katherine Sarlo, and Beth Concoby

Enzymes Toxicity

Relevance of sensitization to occupational allergy and asthma in the detergent industry

Author : David Basketter, Ninna Berg, Francis H. Kruszewski, Katherine Sarlo, and Beth Concoby

Enzymes Risk Management