The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

Research Studies

Year Title Chemical Class Subject

Quantifying the benefits of using read-across and in silico techniques to fulfill hazard data requirements for chemical categories

Author : Kathleen Stanton, Francis H. Kruszewski

Alternative methods

iSTREEM 174; An approach for broad-scale in-stream exposure assessment of down-the-drain chemicals

Author : Katherine E Kapo, Paul C DeLeo, Raghu Vamshi, Christopher M Holmes, Darci Ferrer, Scott D Dyer, Xinhao Wang, Charlotte White-Hull

Risk Assessment

Use of Read-Across of Existing Hazard Data to Fulfill HPV Chemical Program Requirements without the Need for New Animal Testing

Author : Kruszewski, F., P. DeLeo, K. Stanton, R. Sedlak

Animal Alternatives

Scientifically Sound Model Links Benefits of Antibacterial Hand Wash to Reduction of Disease

Author : Kruszewski, F.H. and Krowka, J.F.

Antimicrobials Efficacy

Assessment of benefits from use of antimicrobial hand products: Reduction in risk from handling ground beef

Author : Charles Haas, Jason Marie, Joan Rose, and Charles Gerba

Antimicrobials Efficacy

Human health risk assessment of chloroxylenol in liquid hand soap and dishwashing soap used by consumers and health-care professionals.

Author : Lisa J. Yost, Joseph D. Rodricks, Duncan Turnbull, Paul C. DeLeo, J. Frank Nash, Antonio Quiñones-Rivera, Pete A. Carlson.

Antimicrobials Risk Assessment

Estimated hospital costs associated with preventable health care-associated infections if health care antiseptic products were unavailable.

Author : Schmier JK, Hulme-Lowe CK, Semenova S, Klenk JA, DeLeo PC, Sedlak R, Carlson PA.

Antimicrobials Risk Assessment

Triclocarban Determination of Vapor Pressure

Author : SDA

Antimicrobials Risk Assessment

Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment of Antibacterial Hand Hygiene Products on Risk of Shigellosis

Author : Schaffner, Donald W.; Bowman, James P.; English, Donald J.; Fischler, George E.; Fuls, Janice L.; Krowka, John F.; Kruszewski, Francis H.

Antimicrobials Efficacy

Investigation of Antibiotic and Antibacterial Susceptibility and Resistance in Staphylococcus from the Skin of Users and Non-users of Antibacterial Wash Products in Home Environments

Author : Cole E.C., Addison R.M., Dulaney P.D., Leese K.E., Madanat H.M., and Guffey A.M.

Antimicrobials Safety