The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

Research Studies

Year Title Chemical Class Subject

Quantifying the benefits of using read-across and in silico techniques to fulfill hazard data requirements for chemical categories

Author : Kathleen Stanton, Francis H. Kruszewski

Alternative methods

iSTREEM 174; An approach for broad-scale in-stream exposure assessment of down-the-drain chemicals

Author : Katherine E Kapo, Paul C DeLeo, Raghu Vamshi, Christopher M Holmes, Darci Ferrer, Scott D Dyer, Xinhao Wang, Charlotte White-Hull

Risk Assessment

Proceedings of the Joint Government-Industry Workshop on Progress Towards Non-Animal Alternatives to the Draize Test

Author : K. A. Booman, S. J. DeSalva, K. C. Gupta

Animal Alternatives Alternative methods

Use of Read-Across of Existing Hazard Data to Fulfill HPV Chemical Program Requirements without the Need for New Animal Testing

Author : Kruszewski, F., P. DeLeo, K. Stanton, R. Sedlak

Animal Alternatives

Scientifically Sound Model Links Benefits of Antibacterial Hand Wash to Reduction of Disease

Author : Kruszewski, F.H. and Krowka, J.F.

Antimicrobials Efficacy

Assessment of benefits from use of antimicrobial hand products: Reduction in risk from handling ground beef

Author : Charles Haas, Jason Marie, Joan Rose, and Charles Gerba

Antimicrobials Efficacy

Occurrence, Proliferation, and Persistence of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance during Wastewater Treatment

Antimicrobials Water Quality

Use of Microbial Risk Modeling to Determine the Benefit of Topical Antimicrobial Products

Author : Charles Haas, Jason Marie, Joan Rose, and Charles Gerba


Benzethonium chloride is predicted to pose no ecological risk in surface water or soil. Sediment risks are uncertain.

Author : Phyllis Fuchsman, Kyle Fetters, Michael Bock, Alison O’Connor, Lauren Brown, Igor Mrdjen, Miranda Henning, Monica Lam, Nathan Pechacek, Kathleen Stanton

Antimicrobials Risk Assessment

Triclocarban Determination of Vapor Pressure

Author : SDA

Antimicrobials Risk Assessment