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ACI Commends OSHA Efforts to Expand Worker COVID Health and Safety Protections

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The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) is commending guidance issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), following a Presidential Executive Order, expanding efforts to protect worker health and safety during the ongoing pandemic.

The guidance document issued by the agency includes specific recommendations for workplaces to provide supplies necessary for good hygiene practices and perform routine cleaning and disinfection.

ACI, however, did suggest that OSHA guidance go further to include not only alcohol-based hand sanitizers, but all Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved hand sanitizing products.

“In so doing, the OSHA guidelines would expand the toolkit available for employers to protect workers during the pandemic,” wrote Nathan Sell, ACI Director, Regulatory Science. “ACI recognizes that under FDA regulation, hand sanitizing products cannot make anti-viral claims, however, hand hygiene is an essential tool in preventing the spread of pathogens and is a basic component of a science-based approach to worker safety.”

“ACI member companies have increased production and are operating around the clock to produce vital products to protect individuals from the spread of COVID-19 and to meet the dramatic expansion in demand,” said Sell. The goal of ACI is ensure a robust supply and availability of finished cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting products critical to combating the novel coronavirus to market and increasing the supply of ingredients to accomplish this goal.”

Read ACI’s complete comments here.

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