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Officers Re-Elected: P&G’s Sundar Raman as Chair, Stepan’s Scott Behrens as Vice Chair 22 Directors Elected During 2020 ACI Convention New Directors Include Liliana De Stefano, Firmenich; Jessica McCoy, GOJO Industries; Suzanne Carroll, Nouryon; Eric Stouder, Sasol Four executives joined the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) Boa
While cleaning your home you may often tackle the floors, countertops and other “large” areas. Most likely, some of the small spaces go a bit longer in between cleanings. Check out our blog for some small things you don't want to miss.
The second issue of ACI’s Convention News – published by Chemical Week – is now available: ACI 2018 Convention News – Issue 2 The publication reviews the 2020 Convention, summarizes key ACI member issues, and reports on other industry news.
CEO Melissa Hockstad: New Strategic Plan Will “Strengthen ACI’s Focus With Where We Want To Win, Have Maximum Impacts” 2020-2022 Will Have Enhanced Focus on Business, Science, Sustainability, Communications A new strategic plan approved by the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) Board of Directors will allow the association to be more agile, more forw
Honor Presented at 2020 ACI Convention ACI CEO: Rob Bartolo “Defines Selflessness, Dedication and Commitment” Dr. Robert Bartolo, Director - Global Product Stewardship at Procter & Gamble, is the 2020 recipient of the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) Elva Walker Spillane Distinguished Service Award.
It’s hard to believe that, in our homes, we have up to 15 different hard surface types! Get all the answers to cleaning different kinds of ceramic (tile and cooktops), glass (mirrors, windows, shower doors), acrylic (bathtubs and home décor) and so much more.
The first issue of ACI’s Convention News – published by Chemical Week – is now available: ACI 2020 Convention News – Issue 1 The publication previews the 2020 ACI Convention, summarizes key ACI member issues and reports on other industry news.
While the weather outside may be frightful during the winter months, by doing a few simple things, you can be sure your health stays delightful. Germs that spread cold and flu can be passed to you, your kids, and others through contact as trivial as opening a door or grabbing your phone.
How much laundry can you put in single load? You want to aim for full loads when you do your wash, which will save energy, water and your time. However, overloading your washer or dryer could damage these expensive appliances or keep your clothes from getting clean. So how full is too full?
James Kim Named VP, Science & Regulatory Affairs Kathleen Stanton Named Associate VP, Technical & International Affairs Edgar Chavez Named Controller The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) announced promotions for three of its team members, including two leaders in its scientific and regulatory department.