The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)



    Throughout the year, ACI is working to educate lawmakers on the importance of the cleaning products industry and its mission to improve health and quality of life.

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    Join member companies in sharing the industry perspective with elected officials at the ACI Annual Meeting PAC Event.

The American Cleaning Institute’s Political Action Committee or "ACI PAC"

The American Cleaning Institute ® (ACI) is a trade association of companies dedicated to serving the growth and innovation of the U.S. cleaning products industry by advancing the health and quality of life of people and protecting our planet. ACI achieves this through a continuous commitment to sound science and being a credible voice for the cleaning products industry.

In furtherance of our purpose, ACI’s Board of Directors established the ACI PAC to support federal candidates for office and facilitate their engagement with ACI members. Our PAC is focused on supporting federal lawmakers who are aligned with our mission and committed to supporting the cleaning products industry.

Making a Contribution
To comply with federal election laws, we are required to obtain permission from ACI member companies before contacting company employees about the PAC. Giving the ACI PAC your prior authorization does not obligate you or anyone in your company to make a financial commitment. It simply gives you and eligible employees in your company the opportunity to learn more about the ACI PAC. We invite you to submit the Prior Authorization Form or contact us for more information.

For More Information
Your contribution to the ACI PAC helps magnify ACI’s existing advocacy, which is vital to the growth and innovation of our industry.

For more information, please contact Douglas Troutman at (202) 662-2508 or