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Jun 18 - 20

2018 ACI Mid-Year Meeting

ACI's 2018 Mid-Year Meeting took place at our headquarters in Washington DC from June 18th - 20th, giving 118 registrants a chance to network, discuss current trends in the cleaning products industry and strategize during meetings of our experts standing committees.

Jan 29 - Feb 2

2018 ACI Annual Meeting & Industry Convention

This year, we launched our first-ever mobile app! Attendees were able to have Convention details such as the agenda, attendees list, messaging, etc. right at their fingertips!

Sep 12 - 14

2017 ACI Fall Meeting

ACI held its 2017 Fall Meeting at its headquarters in Washington DC and hosted more than 70 registrants from over 35 companies.

Jun 6 - 8

2017 ACI Mid Year Meeting

2017 Mid-Year Meeting Whats New

The meeting was held at ACI’s Washington, DC offices.

Jan 23 - 28

2017 ACI Convention & Industry Meeting

The American Cleaning Institute’s 2019 Convention was the place to be for anyone in the cleaning products industry. The 2019 Convention hosted more than 1,040 attendees from 180 companies and 27 countries.

Jan 25 - 30

2016 ACI Convention & Industry Meeting

The 2016 ACI Convention & 90th Anniversary Celebration at Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida is your opportunity for high-level business interaction and networking with some of the most influential companies in the world.

Jan 26 - 31

2015 Convention & Industry Meeting

The 2015 Convention was our largest attended Annual Convention in over 13 years!