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Your Hands + Soap & Water = Good Health

btn handwashingThe world has more than 14 billion hands to keep clean. Special celebrations, like Clean Hands Week (September 21-27) and Global Handwashing Day (October 15), are the perfect time to put clean hands on your radar screen!

We know that germs can cause illness – but sometimes we forget! These celebrations are a good reminder about the role that clean hands play in good health!

Everyone knows that germs can cause illness. But did you also know that your unwashed hands could add up to lots of GERMS — and illnesses — for your family . . . friends . . . neighbors . . . and even strangers?

And remember: Soap and water are the tried-and-true way to clean hands. But if they’re not available – sanitizers and hand wipes are other options.

Looking for free resources?

Click here to see the ACI Clean Hands Publications

Don’t forget to share your story and you may be eligible to earn a national award. See Healthy Schools, Healthy People, It’s a SNAP for details.


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