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When it comes to household chores, there is perhaps no greater "grime" stopper than your automatic dishwasher. Talk about getting a huge payback for very little elbow grease!

Before you can solve The Case of the Sparkling Dishes, you must first wage The Battle of the Stuck-on, Dried-up Food! And that means you need a bit of insider knowledge up your sleeve.

Here's a clue:
There are four factors at work here.
  1. The mechanical action of the dishwasher . . .
  2. The force and high temperature of the water . . .
  3. The chemical action of the detergent and rinse agent . . .
  4. And you, the one in charge, putting it all together. There's a lot that could go wrong, unless you do it right!

So are you ready to get to the bottom of it all, and close the case on getting the most out of your machine? In the immortal words of Sergeant Friday, what follows here are "just the facts, ma'am . . ."

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