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Protect the Delicates that Matter

Children are curious and accidents can happen in an instant.

Always store liquid laundry packets up high and out of reach of small children. Detergent packets should always remain locked in their original container or pouch to ensure children do not have access to these products.

Below are resources, created by ACI, that can be printed or shared online with friends and family. Please share our important educational materials to ensure future accidental exposures are prevented.

Laundry Packet Safety 30 Second PSA
30 second PSA
Laundry Packet Safety 60 Second PSA
60 Second PSA
 Laundry Packet Safety Activity Sheet
Activity Sheet
 Laundry Packet Safety Infographic
Take the Laundry Packet Safety Pledge 
Safety Pledge
Hands OFF Laundry Packets English & Spanish Posters
Hands Off Poster
English & Spanish
 Laundry Packet Safety Icons
Safety Icons
Laundry Packet Safety Protect the Delicates that Matter Poster
Protect the Delicates that Matter Poster
Tips for what you can do:
  • Never let your children handle laundry packets
  • Never puncture or pull packets apart
  • Always store this product up and out of sight and reach of your children
  • Always store laundry packets in their original container or pouch
  • Always keep product container securely closed
  • Always remember to read product label
  • Immediately call Poison Help at 1-800-222-1222 if there is an accident involving liquid laundry packets
Take Action:
  • Take the Pledge to a safe laundry room and routine
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share our laundry safety messaging