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Plastic Ware in the Dishwasher

Plastic DishesBackyard picnics, snacks at the beach or campground meals often mean using plastic dishes and cups. To make clean up easy, check that your plastic dishes and cups are dishwasher safe. Nancy Bock, Senior Vice President of Meetings & Education at the American Cleaning Institute, offers these tips for properly cleaning your plastic ware in the dishwasher.

  • Place the dirtiest side of the item facing the source of the water spray.
  • Don't let large items cover small items, like cups or upside-down flatware.
  • Avoid stacking items together - if they are too tight, water can't get to them.
  • Place plastic ware on the top rack so the force of the water won't flip them upside down.
  • After you run the dishwasher, empty any water pooled on curved surfaces.
  • Let the plastic ware drain, or put a fan on it, and it will dry.

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