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Washing Coolers & Oversized Dishes

cooler camping womanSummer may be known for its lazy days, but it is also the season of hard-to-clean drinking and serving ware. The American Cleaning Institute offers the following tips for cleaning your cooler, drink dispenser, platter or other oversized items that don’t always fit easily into the dishwasher.

Be careful on the amounts of dish soap that you use. You might think that using a lot of dish soap will clean your dishes better, but in fact that is no true. Putting a lot of detergent on them will make them more difficult to rinse afterwards and the cleaning effect is pretty much the same. And while you’re trying to rinse the dishes you will be wasting a lot of time and water.

TIP: To make rinsing items too large to fit in your sink easier, try washing outside, using the garden hose, or in the tub or shower.

  1. Start with the least dirty item.
  2. Pour a little warm water in the cooler or container
  3. Add a squirt or pump of dishwashing liquid to your sponge, wash cloth or other dishwashing tool
  4. Rinse by pouring or spraying water over them
  5. Air drying is easier than towel drying. However, wiping with a clean towel is particularly useful when you need to store the item immediately.