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Custodian Award

CLEAN Award logoThe former award program for the National C.L.E.A.N. ® Award recognized the contributions that custodians made to public health in their schools, communities and profession. The award was presented annually from 2009-2011, to a school custodian who demonstrated outstanding leadership in school cleanliness, and reflected the contributions that education support professionals (ESP) made to public health.

Applications were evaluated on originality, creatively, ability to sustain results, evidence of teamwork and program impact. Applicants were asked to provide information about their worksite and cleaning responsibilities. Applicants provided evidence of collaboration and how their work has enhanced the image of the custodian.

2011 Top Recipient: Georgia’s Barry Crocker2011 CLEAN Award: Barry Crocker

The 2011 Top Award Recipient was Barry Crocker, a custodian at Nicholson Elementary School in Marietta, Ga. Crocker, who has been at the school for 20 years, is known as the school’s in-house safety expert. His cleaning practices are so effective that he’s been called on by the Cobb County School District to assist and retrain custodians in other schools. Read more about 2011 National Award recipients.

2010 Top Recipient: Patrick Lortie2010 CLEAN Award Booklet

Patrick Lortie, 2010 Top Recipient from Woodlan Junior-Senior High School in Indiana has made a big difference in his school cleanliness and said during the national awards ceremony, "As a school custodian, I feel that the C.L.E.A.N. Award is important because it enhances the images of custodians in communities all across the country and brings to the forefront the importance of cleaning for health. Cleaning for health has the power to impact how students learn and staff performs. Keeping students and staff safe and healthy can have a direct impact on student achievement and is a major step forward in the cleaning process."

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2009 Top Recipient: Pat Nicholson

"The greatest challenge that I see for school custodians today is to make the paradigm shift from cleaning for appearance to cleaning for health," said Pat Nicholson, the top award recipient. "Custodians that effectively clean for health create and maintain clean schools, healthier students, and higher rates of student achievement. Custodians are vital partners in successful public schools."

Added NEA President Dennis Van Roekel: "Custodians are critical partners in creating healthy, clean and safe schools for our students. They take so much pride in their work and know that what they do every day fosters an environment where students can learn more effectively." Read more about the 2009 National Award recipients.