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We Are the American Cleaning Institute

New Video Showcases ACI

When new washers came on the market, we created a brochure to help you understand how your high- efficiency (HE) washers and detergents work in harmony to get your clothes clean. Last flu season, H1N1 was the problem, and we provided teachers and parents with the Cold and Flu Toolkit.

Since our inception in 1926, we have been helping consumers understand the benefits of cleaning products by providing nonbranded, fact-based educational materials – and that won’t change with our new name.

Now the American Cleaning Institute® (ACI?), we are the same organization and we still represent the same industry. Our global and domestic partnerships will continue and we will remain dedicated to clean living and sustainability through practical advice, science and policy. Get to know the new ACI by visiting our website. While there, check out our "We are the American Cleaning Institute" video,

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