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  November/December 2015 Issue
Cleaning Matters
Laundry PROPER STORAGE CAN HELP PREVENT ACCIDENTS ACI’s new national consumer survey among 1,000 parents and caregivers revealed that 61% of them are storing laundry packets in-sight or in-reach of young children. It’s important to always store liquid laundry packets up and out of reach of young children. Click here to learn more about the consumer survey and download the new infographic. Don’t forget to take our KEY Pledge for a safe laundry room and routine!
icon awards 2015 NATIONAL AWARD RECIPIENT HONORED AT NEAFCS ANNUAL SESSION: ACI presented Lisa Treiber with the Clean and Healthy Families & Communities Award, which recognizes NEAFCS members for innovative programs that raise awareness of the safe and effective uses of cleaning products. Lisa earned this award for her work promoting laundry safety through her "Children are Curious – Prevent Accidental Poisonings" program which she has presented to parents and caregivers educating them on the importance of proper use and storage of liquid laundry packets. Click here for more information.
Handwashing BEGIN "THE SEASON OF ENTERTAINING" WITH A CLEAN FRIDGE. The holiday season is fast approaching, and one way to prepare for the hustle and bustle of entertaining is with a clean refrigerator! Unplug your fridge, empty its contents, and follow ACI’s handy tips for cleaning the one appliance that’s "the heart of the home." Learn more about cleaning the refrigerator here.
Dishes GET DISHES AND SERVING ITEMS "HOLIDAY READY." Before family and friends start descending upon your home, remember to prep early. Pre-cleaning serving utensils and platters, polishing rarely used crystal and flatware, and baking (and cleaning up) in advance all save time on the day of the party. Get ACI’s tips for prioritizing your preparations.
icon safety v2 2015 PARENTS OF YOUNG CHILDREN FACE SPECIAL HOME SAFETY CHALLENGES. Kids under the age of five grow quickly and are exploring their world as they learn to crawl, toddle and run. ACI has prioritized our key tips for emergencies and cleaning product storage – so be sure to check out our #MessyMoments tips and age-specific infographic!
Ask Nancy The cold weather means I get to wear my favorite scarf. I noticed that it smells a little musty. What is the best way to clean it? Click here to find out.
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