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Cleaning Matters Nov-Dec 2014

  November/December 2014 Issue
Cleaning Matters
Laundry NATIONAL MAPLE SYRUP DAY is nearly here! In fact, ‘tis the season for all sorts of sticky, gooey foods. (Pass the gravy, please!) Do you know what to do if these delectables drip on their way from the plate to the mouth? Bone up on laundering this sticky mess here.
Surfaces HOW WILL YOU CELEBRATE BAKE COOKIES DAY? Hopefully with a tall glass of milk. But before you bake anything, wash your hands properly. Download our Clean Paws for Santa Claus coloring sheet for the young bakers in your home.
Tedious, perhaps. Necessary? Absolutely. (Especially when you consider all the holiday food that will be filling it soon.) Here are some tips to make that job easier.
Dishes IT’S CHILD SAFETY PROTECTION MONTH, which means it’s a good time to learn how to load the dishwasher in the safest manner. (Knives down!) Get these and other safety tips here.
But it’s also the season of getting, and a time when more items come into the house than we know what to do with. Read up on how to reduce the clutter and help others in need.
Ask Nancy My New Year’s resolution is to stop smoking. But how can I make my rugs, furniture and draperies stop smelling like cigarettes?
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