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Y Clean?

New Survey Shows Gen Y Supports Spring Cleaning

If it's spring, Generation Y may very well be at home – cleaning!

According to the 2011 Spring Cleaning Survey from the American Cleaning Institute®, 82% of Generation Y men and women (our nation's 18-29 year olds) will engage in spring cleaning this year. That puts them well ahead of the national average as reported in ACI's 2010 Spring Cleaning Survey. Last year's survey reported that 59% of adults, regardless of age, had spring cleaning on their minds.

This year's independent research, conducted by Echo Research, showed that most (55%) Gen Y'ers have been living in their current location for less than two years. And, whether they live with a spouse or significant other, parents, other family or children, or part-time at home and part-time at school, what is consistent is the importance of having a clean living space. 96% of respondents reported that having a clean home is important to them.

27% of Generation Y respondents use spring-cleaning as a time to clean their home from head to toe. Their spring-cleaning priorities include bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, closets and floors.

Gender Differences
While the priorities rank in the same order for men and women, a greater number of women prioritize the importance of each job. 75% of women (versus 66% of men) say that even just the change in the weather makes them want to clean up. Men are more highly motivated when their home starts to smell, they are told to clean or someone comments about their home's lack of cleanliness.

When it comes to cleaning, men and women don't always see eye to eye:

  • 96% of women are likely to clean and disinfect countertops daily, compared to 86% of men.
  • 96% percent of women are likely to clean the floors or carpet, versus 88% of men.
  • 76% of women are motivated to clean if a visitor is arriving, while only 58% of men find this a motivating factor.

The same gender pattern follows for reorganizing, cleaning under furnishings, swapping out seasonal clothes, washing windows, de-cluttering and donating old clothes to a local charity. Only when it comes to cleaning cell phones and computers is there gender cleaning-equality, with both men (73%) and women (74%) citing the likelihood of cleaning.

Overall, 74% of Generation Y respondents agreed that spring cleaning is a worthy ritual and seeing news about spring cleaning keeps it top of mind.

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