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2011 Healthy Schools, Healthy People National Award Recipients

Students Honored for Their Leadership on Cleaning, Hygiene and Health

Taylor Schettler and Siera Steiner, Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) seventh graders from Fulda High School (Fulda, Minnesota) were concerned with all the consequences of a sick student body and these students thought teaching handwashing only in Kindergarten was probably not enough. Using resources from ACI and the Mayo Clinic they planned and conducted lessons for their elementary school students. They created a lesson for K-3 which included reading a story and coloring contest. They also created a short play for the upper grades. All grades signed a pledge sheet and got to practice handwashing and use a black light to see germs left.


Siera Steiner, Taylor Schletter and Mrs Elder from Fulda High School (Fulda, Minnesota) are the recipients of the 2011 Healthy Schools, Healthy People, It's a SNAP National Award.

This project earned Fulda High School the 2011 Healthy Schools, Healthy People National Award. The award package included an all-expense paid trip to Washington, DC, an awards ceremony, meetings with Representative Walz, Senator Franken and Senator Klobuchar and a special letter of congratulations from Vincent Gray, Mayor of the District of Columbia. While the award recipients were in town, they also toured Capitol Hill, the National Zoo and many monuments. In July, the Fulda Chapter was recognized during the opening general session at the FCCLA National Leadership Meeting in front of 6,500 students and teachers and were presented with a check for $5,000, courtesy of ACI members Arylessence, Inc., Colgate-Palmolive Company, Ecolab Inc., GOJO Industries, Inc., and Henkel Consumer Goods Inc. Additionally, Fulda High School will receive hygiene and cleaning product donations, thanks to Colgate-Palmolive Company, Georgia-Pacific Professional, GOJO Industries, Inc, Henkel Consumer Goods Inc. and Water Journey Ltd.

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