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Two Sources of Cleaning-Product News & Updates:

Cleaning Matters & ACI SmartBrief

Cleaning Matters®, the American Cleaning Institute's bimonthly consumer newsletter, has a long history of sharing tips and trends about cleaning products with the public. Each issue shares information that you can use when cleaning your homes, hands, clothes, dishes and surfaces. And, we include seasonal topics, helpful hints and information from the experts. There's even a section for you to ask questions and tell your stories. If you have story ideas or questions about Cleaning Matters, please contact Nancy Bock at

ACI Smart BriefRecently, ACI teamed with news aggregator SmartBrief to bring free weekly updates with our new ACI SmartBrief.

ACI SmartBrief shares a weekly summary of news, research, technology and trends in the cleaning product industry. This concise news feed gives you insights on what's happening throughout the cleaning product supply chain, as well as updates on ACI outreach, advocacy, research and sustainability initiatives. News stories are selected with cleaning product industry executives in mind, but anyone can subscribe.

If you no longer want to receive this additional newsletter, you can unsubscribe to the ACI SmartBrief by simply clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the next email. If you have any questions about ACI SmartBrief, please contact Brian Sansoni at

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