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Clean Hands for Valentine's Day

Spread Love, Not Germs

Valentine's Day conjures up images of candy and cards. But the American Cleaning Institute® (ACI) would like to add a third "C" to the celebratory mix – clean hands!

What kid doesn't love to exchange cards, grab a cupcake and guzzle some candy on this holiday? But while all these treats are being exchanged, cold and flu germs are lying in wait to crash their party by hitching a free ride on dirty hands. To help spread the message about the importance of handwashing Valentine's Day style, ACI has created an easy way to start the conversation with young children. A free coloring sheet can be downloaded from ACI's website. Reproduce the sheet and use it to spread the message at home and at school. Pediatric clinics and dental offices might even want to join in the fun by creating a gallery wall with patient contributions. What better setting for reinforcing the importance of handwashing!

And ACI is creating a virtual gallery. Scan your child's finished coloring sheet, email it to and we will post it on ACI's website.

Additional handwashing education resources are available at

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