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  March/April 2015 Issue
Cleaning Matters

LIQUID LAUNDRY PACKETS ARE OFF LIMITS FOR CHILDREN! National Poison Prevention Week is March 15–21, 2015 and there is no better time to think about your laundry routine. Kids are naturally curious. They move quickly and explore the world using their mouth, so you must be diligent to keep them safe from accidents in the home.

Handwashing IT’S "SPRING FEVER" SEASON. Kids will be heading outside to ride bikes and play ball as the weather gets nice … which means they’ll have lots of opportunities to "hand" germs to family, friends, neighbors, and others! Remind them about the importance of handwashing to prevent passing along potential infections.
Surfaces "SPRING CLEANING" AT WORK MATTERS, TOO! It’s hard to get through the day without touching your keyboard, mouse, monitor, desktop, printer and phone. Get tips for hitting "delete" on germs at your workstation.
Dishes ENTERTAINING FOR EASTER OR PASSOVER? Chances are you’ll be using — and hand dishwashing — your traditional "special occasion" dishes and glassware, along with lots of greasy pots and pans. See ACI’s tips for hand dishwashing success!
Sustainability ARE YOU BEING "SUSTAINABLE" AT WORK? Practicing sustainability isn’t something to only do at home. Try our easy tips for reducing, reusing and recycling at work, too!
Ask Nancy HELP! I mixed my kitchen towels with my bathroom cleaning rags. What should I do?
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