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  March/April 2016 Issue
Cleaning Matters
Laundry BE SMART WITH SWEATER STORAGE. When March "goes out like a lamb," it’s likely time to store winter sweaters for the season. Reading and following the fabric care label instructions is critical as you determine whether a garment is machine washable, requires hand washing (often with special drying and "blocking" steps), or should be dry cleaned. ACI’s tips for choosing, caring for, and cleaning your favorite woolly (or acrylic) sweaters offer great advice!
Surfaces GO BEYOND GREEN … WITH CLEAN HANDS! In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, ACI has an engaging activity for families to enjoy – because even though flu season is nearly over, CDC reminds us that handwashing is always a critical step in avoiding getting sick and spreading germs to others. Our mini-poster and coloring sheet is perfect for childcare and healthcare settings too. Scan or snap a photo of your children’s finished artwork – submissions could be featured on our website!
Handwashing CLEANING MATTERS WHEN YOU RENT, TOO! Regular cleaning is important whether or not you own your home … and for renters, it is critical for helping to ensure that you get your deposit back at the end of the lease. Surface cleaning adds to a pleasant environment, keeps allergens and germs at bay, and helps maintain a "just like new" appearance in your home-sweet-home, even if that home is only temporary. Check out ACI’s quick-and-easy Cleaning Tips for Renters, with handy strategies for cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, and living area surfaces.
Dishes TACKLE THE WASHING O’ THE IRISH WITH CARE! It seems as if everyone is "Irish" on St. Patrick’s Day … and celebratory meals often entail using special themed serving pieces, such painted or gold-leaf plates and platters, etched glassware, and more. Often, these items must be washed by hand to preserve their patterned or textured surfaces. ACI has simple tips for determining when and how to wash these special pieces to keep those painted-on shamrocks vibrant year after year!
You may believe incorporating sustainable practices into your home cleaning routine is hard. But we compiled 8 simple room-by-room tips for more sustainable and better living. Download and share the new infographic Simply Sustainable Cleaning Tips from ACI.
Ask Nancy It’s been a busy year already! How can I ease into spring with easy spring-cleaning tactics? Click here to find out.
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