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  January/February 2016 Issue
Cleaning Matters
Laundry HEALTHY HOME-KEEPING IS CRITICAL DURING FLU SEASON. With your family being "cooped up" together throughout the cold winter months, you can help keep illness under control in several ways — including fighting germs in the laundry. An important germ-killing ally in the laundry room is bleach — check out more on this plus ACI’s quick tips for keeping bacteria and viruses at bay on wash day!
Handwashing RAISE YOUR [CLEAN] HAND TO FIGHT FLU! CDC has confirmed that a key strategy for flu prevention is frequent and thorough handwashing for at least 20 seconds with clean, running water and soap. Scrub all areas (including backs of hands and under fingernails), then rinse and dry. And, be hands-on with ACI’s flu update, which includes a handy new infographic that you can print it out and post by handwashing sinks at home, school,
and work!
Surfaces FIGHT FLU GERMS ON SURFACES, TOO. Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces is another key strategy for keeping your family healthy during the season of "indoor together time." This includes common germy spots like doorknobs, faucet handles, and TV remotes. Flu germs can live on surfaces longer than other germs can – so check out ACI’s important notes for cleaning these common items!
Dishes STORE WINTER LEFTOVERS SAFELY. Long winter months often mean big pots of soup and chili, for family gatherings, Superbowl parties, and more. If you’re storing leftovers to reheat at home or take to work for lunch, it’s important to keep your plastic containers sparkling clean and stain-free … and to know when it’s time to recycle them or discard them, too. ACI can help – check out these can’t-miss tips for cleaning and/or tossing plastic food containers.
icon awards 2015 AWARDEES TEACH "THE SCIENCE BEHIND CLEANING." ACI has honored two Purdue University extension educators for their consumer-directed program that showcases the link between cleaning products and good health. The innovative outreach initiative, developed by Mary Ann Lienhart Cross and Annetta Jones, reaches families and communities with important information on cleaning product safety and efficacy, and includes the ACI Key Pledge to keep children safe in the laundry room.
Ask Nancy I’ll be entertaining for the Super Bowl and for Valentine’s Day this year. How can I stay "food safe" for large gatherings?
Click here to find out.
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