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Cleaning Window Screens

Simple steps for a better outlook

boy window telescopeWant to (literally!) improve your outlook? Then give your window screens a good spring (or fall) cleaning! It’ll improve the way the world looks from the comfort of your home – and it’s a quick home spruce-up that costs you virtually nothing.

Screen Cleaning

The first – and maybe the most tedious – step is to remove the screens. As you do, assign a number to each screen and its corresponding window or door frame so that each one is returned to its proper location. Put any screws or bolts in a plastic bag and number that, too. That way, each screen can be returned to its proper location and you can avoid any confusion later. Even a slight size variation will prevent the screen from fitting in another window.

Once you’ve removed the screen(s), follow this simple procedure for getting them clean:

  1. Use the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner to gently remove dust and loose grit from the mesh and frames.
  2. Wet the screens thoroughly. Choose the method that’s most convenient for you: a hose, a shower nozzle or a heavy-duty sponge.
  3. Using an outdoor cleaner and a sponge, lightly wipe the solution all over the screen and frame until it’s coated with suds.
  4. Rinse the screen, using the hose, shower nozzle or sponge. Check for missed spots and, if necessary, lightly scrub again.
  5. Give the screen a final rinse.
  6. Lift the screen and shake off excess water. Let it air-dry before replacing it in the window.