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Cleaning To Control Asthma: Kitchen

Cockroaches are attracted to food and moisture - including crumbs, cooking grease and plain water. It's important to remove or tightly cover all food and water, especially at night when cockroaches are more active.

Food plus Water


Clean KitchenCleaning the Kitchen

  • Clean food and grease from stove daily. If possible, clean under and behind stove.
  • Clean up food spills, crumbs and liquids on countertops and floors immediately.
  • Empty trash daily. Clean and disinfect garbage cans and recycling bins weekly. Let the cans dry out before you put in a new garbage bag.
  • Keep the cabinet under your sink dry and clean. Have leaks repaired.
  • Clean the outside and inside of the refrigerator. If possible, vacuum underneath.
  • Wash and dry dishes as soon as possible after eating.
  • Wash floors at least weekly.
  • Throw away or recycle grocery bags. Roaches like to live in them.

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