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Cleaning To Control Asthma: Clutter Control

Want to save time and reduce allergens? Get rid of clutter!



1. Sort it Out

  • Start with a bedroom and take everything out of the closet, dressers, shelves, under the bed.
  • Put stuff in separate piles: clothes, shoes, toys, books, school supplies, sports equipment, etc.
  • Work with your children to pick the toys and belongings that are most important, and separate those they don’t use any more.
  • You can give old toys, books and clothes to a friend, community center or Head Start classroom. You can also sell them.

2. Give it a Home

  • Keep similar items together so that children know where to find things. For example, keep school supplies near the desk or table where your children do homework; store videos by the VCR; toys in the play area, etc.
  • Put children’s things in a place that’s easy for them to reach.

3. Cover It

  • Put items inside drawers, closets, covered boxes or plastic containers so dust can’t collect on them. Put labels on containers to show where things belong. Have your children write or draw labels.

4. Use It

  • Review the "clutter plan" with your children. Remind them that controlling clutter may help reduce asthma attacks. Have them try to put one thing back before getting out something else. Or, schedule 5 minutes of clean-up time every night.

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