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Cleaning To Control Asthma: Bathroom

Mold and mildew are tiny plants that grow where it’s warm and damp — like in the shower. They release invisible "spores" into the air. The floating spores trigger allergy and asthma episodes. And wherever they land, the spores start growing new mold and mildew.

Areas where mold and mildew are often found hiding:


Mold and Mildew2
 Mold floor
 Mildew under sink
 Mold window
where the floor meets the tub or shower
under the sink
on window frames and sills

Repair leaks and keep these areas dry and clean.

Mold/mildew also grow on "wet" appliances — like air conditioners, dehumidifiers (appliances that remove moisture from the air) and humidifiers (appliances that add moisture to the air). Follow manufacturer’s instructions to change filters and clean appliances regularly.

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