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  November/December 2016 Issue
Cleaning Matters
Laundry FRESHEN YOUR WINTER WEAR! It’s been a few months since you’ve tried on that sweater or scarf. When taking out your winter clothes, you may find them looking (or smelling) less than spiffy. Depending on how these items were stored, they can resurface with wrinkles or even a musty smell. The ACI offers tips for freshening up clothes so you can look your best this winter.
Handwashing WASH AWAY GERMS. Winter season is prime time for both cold and flu. While these are different illnesses, they are both easily spread between family members. In addition to getting a flu shot (as recommended by CDC), prevent the spread of germs at home with diligent handwashing. Review ACI’s handwashing steps with the whole family, and be sure to provide plenty of soap and clean towels (paper is preferred) at every handwashing station!
Surfaces WATCH THE COOKIE DOUGH! Whether you’re stockpiling holiday cookies or looking for kid-friendly fun on a blustery day, baking offers great "family time." Remind kids to always start with clean surfaces … and disinfect them first if rolling dough directly onto a countertop. Always follow the instructions on the product label to ensure effectiveness in killing germs, and keep all cleaning products out of the reach of young children. (And P.S.: if the dough has eggs in it – don’t eat it raw!)
Dishes GET READY FOR LEFTOVERS! The holiday season brings holiday feasts. And that means lots of delicious leftovers! Whether packing tomorrow’s lunch or sending your guests back home with a few yummy treats, make sure you’re storing your food in the right containers to preserve freshness and avoid spoilage. Once you’ve finished eating, be sure to know whether to clean and reuse or toss.
Awards FACS "HOME SAFETY" PROGRAM WINS AWARD! ACI is honored to announce the "Home Safety: When Safety Comes First, You Last" Program Award! This year’s award recipient is a team of educators from Southwest District FACS in Georgia. The multi-component program alerts families about potential dangers in the home via hands-on activities and education. Learn more about the program … and consider applying next year!
Ask Nancy This holiday season, I’ll be hosting several overnight guests from out of town. Do you have any tips for getting my home and guest room ready? Click here to find out.
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