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  November/December 2012 Issue
Cleaning Matters
The sign of a great meal may be an empty plate, but the true sign of a joyful holiday gathering is often gravy dotting one's shirt, or cranberry juice dribbled on a tie (sigh). But just enjoy your festivities worry-free, because we've got the solution to getting your clothes clean again.
Surfaces TALKING TURKEY... HANDPRINTS. It's so adorable when your kids come home with those colorful turkeys made of their sweet little handprints. Until the paint comes off of their hands and onto your table, glitter and glue on the floor, not to mention markers marking things they ought not. And then it's not so cute. Luckily for them, we can help you clean up messes made by budding craftspeople.
The holidays bring more than gifts and good cheer. They bring long days of no school. Once the novelty of no homework or lunches to pack wears off, and the kids get antsy, print out this activity sheet for them to work on. It will help ward off that other thing that wintertime brings…the flu.
Dishes WINE GLASSES THAT ARE CRYSTAL CLEAR. Peace. Love. Happiness. That's what we should all be focused on this holiday season as we gather with loved ones and toast to a new year. But, darn if those spots on the wine glasses aren't annoying, all the same. Enjoy these tips for keeping your glassware sparkling.
It's that time of year when we're so focused on finding the perfect gift for loved ones. Here's something to think about – maybe the perfect gift is something ordinary you can give to someone you don't know at all. Celebrate the season of giving this year by collecting hand sanitizer, soap, and gloves for those in need.
Ask Nancy I'm having out of town guests staying with me for the holidays. They have young kids. What types of safety issues should I keep in mind?
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