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  July/August 2014 Issue
Cleaning Matters
Laundry HOT LAUNDRY TIPS! Rash guard clothing is very effective in protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays. Just make sure you care for your clothing as well as you care for your skin by washing this swimwear correctly so that it doesn’t lose its effectiveness.
Before you high five your South Paw friends in celebration of National Left Handers Day, make sure you wash your hands – both left and right – to prevent the spreading of germs. Here’s the right, or rather, correct way.
Surfaces COVERAGE ONLY WHERE YOU NEED IT Yes, it’s important to slather on the sunscreen. But inevitably, the creams, sticks and sprays end up on things other than skin. Not to worry! Here’s how to clean sunscreen off of all kinds of surfaces – from leather to wood to granite.
Dishes LEMONADE STANDS, DAYS AT THE BEACH, BBQ’S Summer may be known for its lazy days, but it is also the season of hard-to-clean drinking and serving ware. How do you clean those items that don’t always fit easily into the dishwasher? Find out here.
Sustainability KEEP YOUR COOL … while keeping conscious of the environment. Did you know there’s a best time to do your laundry and dishes during the hot summer months? Find out how to relieve the stress on your AC unit – and your wallet.
Ask Nancy I love my dog, but don’t always love the smell that seems to take over my home. How can I ensure that it’s just my dog that greets guests at the door, and not an odor?
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