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Cleaning Matters: For Better Living. July/August 2012 Issue
Cleaning Matters
Laundry TAKE THE LABOR OUT OF LAUNDRY. Summertime and the living is easy! And what can be easier than doing laundry with single-load laundry packets? No more measuring detergent and wondering if you've got the right amount. No more slippery hands or gooey spills on the washing machine. Learn how to take the labor out of laundry as you head into this Labor Day holiday.
Surfaces KEEP YOUR COLLEGE STUDENT SAFE FROM MRSA. Drinking, partying, passing exams... just when you thought there wasn't anything more to worry about in terms of sending your baby off to college, a nasty staph infection has been making its way around some campuses in this country. MRSA can be spread through sharing towels and razors, or on used sporting equipment. Learn the best way to keep those items (and others!) clean, and your student infection-free.
Handwashing BACK TO SCHOOL? DON'T BE ABSENT! Reading, writing, arithmetic. Before you know it the kids will be heading back to school! In the frenzy of school supply shopping and pants hemming, don't forget to have your little scholars brush up on the proper techniques of washing their hands. After all, clean hands are the single best way to reduce absenteeism in school. It's one thing to be covered in finger paint. Germs are another story entirely.
Dishes DO  YOU NEED TO CLEAN YOUR DISHWASHER? Forget bills, work deadlines, or mother-in-law troubles. We know what's really keeping you up at night — the burning question of all times. Do you need to clean your dishwasher? It may get your plates and flatware sparkling, but how does the appliance itself stay fresh and clean? Finally, a definitive answer with resources.
Sustainability CUT DOWN ON LAUNDRY AND YOUR FOOTPRINT. Do you wash every item of clothing, no matter how fleeting the time it may have graced your body? Do you resort to the "sniff test" to determine whether or not something is clean? Check out this handy guide to laundering various articles of clothing. You may be surprised at what you learn. Even better, you may cut down on your loads of laundry, and your environmental impact.
Ask Nancy When I'm doing laundry, what do I need to know in order to keep my family safe? We have a free poster for your laundry room with helpful hints. Click here to download or order.
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