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Cleaning Matters January/February 2013

  January/February 2013 Issue
Cleaning Matters
What woman doesn’t want to see a little pink and red on Valentine’s Day? Candy hearts, long-stemmed roses. Bring it on! But there’s nothing heart-warming about streaks of pink in fresh, clean loads of white laundry. Here’s some sweet secrets to successful bleaching.
Surfaces A NEW YEAR, A NEW (TIDIER) YOU. Want a New Year’s resolution you can stick to? We’ve got tips for quick and easy housekeeping – little things you can do each day without much effort that add up to a neater home and, more importantly, a happier you.
Forget warm fires and cozy sweaters. ‘Tis the season for dry and cracking hands. And while exposure to water may seem to make it worse, keeping your hands clean is even more important in the winter months when germs abound, and chapped skin means there are more ways for these germs to get into your body. Here’s when to wash.
Dishes TURNING UP THE HEAT. Mmm! That casserole may smell delicious while it’s baking, but there’s nothing appetizing about the clean-up of baked-on or burnt foods stuck to a dish or pan. Not to worry. We’ve got a solution for that and other dishwashing problems.
We launched an initiative to collect gloves and mittens from across the United States and Canada for those in need. To date, we have collected over 1,700 pairs and are proud to donate them, along with hand soap, to families in New Jersey who were affected by Superstorm Sandy.
Ask Nancy Is it safe to use empty containers of laundry detergent and other cleaning products for arts and crafts projects now that it’s too cold for my kids to play outside?
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