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Cleaning Hard Surfaces: Porcelain




Routine Care

Special Instructions

Porcelain Appliance
Clean with a nonabrasive, all-purpose cleaner, using a sponge or cloth. Rinse with a sponge or cloth. Or apply a creamy liquid kitchen wax that cleans and protects the surface as it is applied. Apply wax to a predampened cloth and clean a small area (about a square foot) at a time. Buff with a clean, dry cloth while wax is still moist. Wipe up spills and splatters immediately to make cleaning easier and to prevent discoloration from acid-containing spills.

Avoid using abrasive cleansers that may scratch the surface.

Use wax sparingly to prevent a wax buildup.

Do not wipe a hot porcelain surface, e.g., range top, with a damp cloth as cracking and chipping can result.
Use a tub/tile/sink cleaner or a liquid abrasive or nonabrasive, all purpose cleaner. Apply the cleaner to a damp sponge or directly to the surface. Allow the cleaner to penetrate the soil, then rub or scour. Rinse with clean water. Specialty products are available to help remove soap scum, hard water mineral deposits and rust. Follow label instructions.
Oven Interior Use an oven cleaner for manually cleaned ovens. For cleaning continuous or self-cleaning ovens, follow appliance manufacturer's instructions. Do not use an oven cleaner on a self-cleaning or continuous cleaning oven. The cleaner may damage the surface.
Range Drip Bowls Soak in a solution of hot water and hand dishwashing detergent. If necessary, use a liquid abrasive cleanser, soap scouring pad or a plastic scouring pad.

Porcelain drip bowls can be cleaned in an automatic dishwasher.
Clean frequently to prevent soils from building up.

To clean difficult soils, remove drip bowl from range, place on newspapers and use oven cleaner, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Do not cover drip bowls with aluminum foil.


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