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For the beginner bubble blower

This art project works best when two people
are working together.

Materials needed: Tempera or poster paint in 3 or 4 colors, White or light-colored construction paper, Bubble solution, Bubble wand or drinking straw, 3 or 4 small containers, A teaspoon and cup

  1. This is fun, but can be messy! Spread newspaper around the area and wear an old T-shirt.
  2. Pour about one cup of bubble solution in each container. Add one teaspoon of paint to each container. Stir gently until mixed.
  3. Take turns blowing bubbles while your partner “catches” them on paper. As they break, you’ll get a design of brightly colored splotches! For darker colors, add more paint.
06sculpt 06kids1


For the intermediate bubble blower
Materials needed: Drinking straws - Shallow tray - Bubble solution

06bubnumFill the bottom of the tray with about ¼-inch of bubble solution.

Dip one end of the straw in the solution. Hold the straw slightly above the surface and gently blow a bubble.

To blow bubbles within bubbles:
Remove your straw from the bubble. Make sure the straw is wet and then gently insert it in the top of the bubble, so it enters at a 45° angle. Blow gently to form another bubble. Repeat to form more bubbles in bubbles!



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