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September 2017
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We are so excited about ACI's new blog, Clean and Happy Nest! Have you signed up? If not, go to If you missed our September bright ideas for better living, here is a quick recap:


Enter to Win a $2,500 Gift Card Simply by Simply by Taking the KEY Pledge
You’ve got until the end of the year to enter ACI’s KEY Pledge Laundry Safety sweepstakes. Simply take the online pledge to keep your laundry room safe, and you’re entered! continue reading…


Dusting 101
Dusting may not be the most glamorous job (hello, understatement!), but it’s an important part of keeping a home clean. Removing dust makes a place look better and also helps get rid of allergens. Here are some suggestions for getting rid of the dust around your house. continue reading…


Getting Into A Back-to-School Family Cleaning Routine
School is in full swing! It’s back to homework and schedules, with set bedtimes and rushing out the door to make the bus. This is a great time to jump-start some cleaning routines at home. Keeping things neat and organized will definitely make the days go more smoothly. continue reading…


How to Load a Dishwasher
Ever wonder if there’s a best way to load the dishwasher? You’re not alone. We’re not saying there’s an absolute right way to do it – like most things, there are lots of options. We just thought you might be interested in some tips that’ll keep your dishes sparkling. continue reading…


Hand Sanitizer: When Should You Use It?
We’ve all been there. We’re on an airplane and want to eat a snack, yet not allowed to get up to wash our hands. Or we’re out running errands, like grocery shopping or the car wash, and we can just feel the germs on our hands. Or we’re at our kid’s soccer game, and they need something to wash away the remnants of a sticky treat. Will hand sanitizer do the trick? continue reading…


Keep Your Cell Phone Clean
What’s the one thing you touch more than anything else? Your phone, of course. It goes everywhere you go, including your pocket, your purse, your desk, your car, your kid’s games, your bathroom, your bed. It collects germs along the way, too. In a recent study, 82% of cell phones were contaminated with bacteria and 16% had E. coli on them. (Yuck!) continue reading…

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Until the next time, stay safe, stay clean and always make each day all about better living.

Nancy Bock

Senior Vice President, Education
American Cleaning Institute®


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