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October 2017



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Happy Hallo-CLEAN!

We had a busy month on ACI's new blog, Clean and Happy Nest - If you missed our October bright ideas for better living, here is a quick recap:

hidden home dangers Through Their Eyes: Hidden home dangers
Young children explore their surroundings by touch and taste, and accidents can happen in an instant. It's important to always store potentially dangerous products up and away from kids. continue reading…
clean house

Guest Blogger: The Best Way to Quickly Clean a House
If you are trying to get the house ready for guests or just want to tidy up at the end of the day, you need a good plan for cleaning a house quickly and efficiently. How about a couple simple and easy speed cleaning shortcuts you can use today? continue reading…

stain removal

Stain Removal 101
It always seems to happen – when you pull a new white t-shirt over your head, you get lipstick on the collar. Or someone spills red wine… right on your new rug. Or your dog jumps up on you with muddy paws. continue reading…

internet of thinds

Around the Web
There are a lot of great writers out there sharing inspiring content about Clean & Happy living! Here are our favorite posts from last month. We hope you'll enjoy them, too. continue reading…

closet clean up

Are Your Closets Ready for Winter?
As the air gets chillier and the days get shorter… you know winter is on its way. And your wardrobe needs to keep up. As you transition from summer cardigans and sandals to sweaters and boots, a closet cleanout is in order. continue reading…

hurricane clean up

Cleaning Up After a Hurricane or Flood
Millions of Americans have been affected by hurricanes, and in the aftermath, face the daunting task of cleaning and/or rebuilding. Our thoughts are with those who are facing a challenge. Here are some guidelines to help you through a flood of any kind. continue reading…

pumpkin mess

Prevent Pumpkin-Carving Mess
There are many joys of Halloween: costume-making, candy selection, pumpkin picking, trick-or-treating. Most parents would probably agree, though, that carving pumpkins, while fun, can be a very messy endeavor. continue reading…

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Until the next time, stay safe, stay clean and always make each day all about better living.

Nancy Bock

Senior Vice President, Education
American Cleaning Institute®

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