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Nancy Bock 2012

Nancy Bock, Senior Vice President of Meetings & Education at the American Cleaning Institute®

Q. American Heart Health Month has inspired me to use my treadmill (for exercise, not a clothes rack!) How do I clean it?

A. Keeping your treadmill clean is important for maintenance and safety. Fortunately, it’s easy. (Much easier than keeping up with a rigorous exercise routine.) Just follow these steps and you’ll be off and running!

  1. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe away sweat on the deck, handrails and conveyer belt after every use.
  2. Once a week, use a damp, clean cloth to remove dust and dirt from the display.
  3. Once a week, vacuum or dust around the machine to prevent dirt from getting caught up in the conveyer belt and vacuum the deck area and belt itself.
  4. For tough spots, wet the cloth in a mild solution of dishwashing liquid, wring it thoroughly so that it’s just barely damp, wipe the trouble spots clean and then wipe again with another damp soft cloth.
  5. Never use any harsh cleaners, never attempt to mop any part of a treadmill, pour water or cleaning agents onto the treadmill and do not spray any liquids onto or into the treadmill.