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Ask Nancy: Spring Cleaning Safety

Nancy Bock 2012

Nancy Bock, Senior Vice President of Meetings & Education at the American Cleaning Institute®

Q. I’m motivated this year to do a massive spring cleaning, but with little kids running around my home, how can I make sure stay safe from the cleaning products?

A. We encourage parents to do your spring clean in the absence of young children so that you can give it your full attention without distractions. Here are some additional safety tips —

  • Children are usually curious and explore all the new things they find around a household. Take care to keep cleaning products out of reach of young children.
  • Remember to keep products in their original container with the original label intact and immediately put them away in a secure location after use.
  • Always close the cleaning product container, box, bottle or pouch immediately after each use. Make it a habit to put them away when you have finished using them.
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