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Nancy Bock 2012

Nancy Bock, Senior Vice President of Meetings & Education at the American Cleaning Institute®

Q. In the frenzy of preparing for the holidays, how can I make my home presentable for all the spontaneous visitors that seem to pop in and out during this time?

A. For quick clean ups, make sure you have multiple cleaning supplies. Now’s the time to stock up on your favorite cleaning supplies in small, refillable sizes and/or easy-to-use configurations that can be stored in multiple, convenient locations. Think creatively. For example, during the holiday season, it might make sense to have a cache of window wipes, an electrostatic dust cloth, a roll of paper towels and an all-purpose spray cleaner tucked away in a cupboard in the family room. The less time you have to spend fetching cleaning supplies, the faster and easier it is to get the job done.

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