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Q: My husband was all set to throw some steaks on the grill, but it was filthy. How do I clean it?

A: Most people love the smell of barbecue. But caked-on grizzle? Not so much. Yet, too many people seem to forget this important aspect of grilling and food safety. If the grates are removable, take them out and soak them in warm water and dish soap. Brush clean with a wire brush, and then reassemble the grill and let it air-dry. If other parts require cleaning, check the manual and follow directions. The key to a clean grill is to be diligent about cleaning it immediately after each use, rather than waiting until you’re ready to start cooking. So, the next time you take the steaks off the grill, let any cooked-food residue burn away before turning it off. This is a simple thing to do while the meat "rests." Then turn off the grill, but while it’s still warm, use a small wire brush to clean any food particles that remain on the cooking grates.