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October 2, 2008 11:12 AM
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Author Distorts the Facts about Cleaning Product Safety

  • Consumers Deserve Cleaning Product Facts Rather Than Groundless Fears, Says SDA
  • Offers Consumers Science-Based, Straightforward Information on Product Safety, Benefits, Use

WASHINGTON, D.C. – October 2, 2008 – Facts, not fear. That's what The Soap and Detergent Association (SDA - is offering consumers interested in knowing about the safe, beneficial and proper use of cleaning products.

SDA has unveiled, a special microsite with useful, straightforward science-based information on cleaning and fabric care products.

The availability of this site is valuable, given the publication of a book, Green Goes With Everything, which disparages traditional cleaning products. Author Sloan Barnett is married to the CEO of a "natural" cleaning products company, which she promotes throughout the book.

"We regret that author Sloan Barnett unfairly attacks cleaning products that are used safely and effectively by millions of people every day - in homes, offices, hospitals, day care centers, and other institutions," said Brian Sansoni, SDA Vice President of Communication.

"An incredible amount of research and development goes on before these products ever hit the shelves, not to mention that the products must meet all applicable federal and state quality, safety and labeling regulations.

"Responsible manufacturers ensure their products go through comprehensive, extensive risk assessments, and also review scientific developments and monitor product use data that may affect the safety assessment process."

SDA added that companies are committed to providing meaningful information to consumers because they are asking more questions about product ingredients.

"Consumers have greater access to health and safety information than ever before about cleaning products – through information available via product labels, company websites and toll-free hotlines.

Beware the Call for "Mix Your Own" Concoctions

SDA reminds consumers that safety should be the number one concern when it comes to "make your own" cleaning product recipes, which lack the safety assurances of commercially formulated cleaning products.

"These 'make your own' concoctions are not regulated by the government and often come without safety tips and directions for proper use, dosage and storage. "With these 'homemade' cleaners, consumers may miss some safety assurances, spend more, clean less effectively and even lose some important health and hygiene benefits of cleaning."

SDA has also published an online guide to safe and effective use of cleaning products, "Clean and Safe in the 21st Century," which consumers can download at



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