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American Cleaning Institute Exposure Assessments for Cleaning Product Ingredients

The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) has developed the Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative (CPISI) as one of its many efforts to promote the responsible management of cleaning products and their ingredients. The first step in this initiative was to compile and make publicly available a comprehensive inventory of ingredients used among its members in the formulation of home use consumer cleaning products sold in the United States. ACI released this Ingredient Inventory in August 2012. The next step in the project was to identify publicly available human health hazard data relevant to each ingredient that was identified in the inventory. ACI released the Hazard Datasets in 2013.

How were exposure assessments determined for each cleaning product ingredient?

The goal of this phase of the CPISI was the characterization of exposure for each ingredient, in the framework of the product types and their typical applications. Exposure modeling focused on the ingredients examined in the Ingredient Inventory, their chemical composition, the product types each ingredient is found in, their intended function(s), and data from surveys of habits and practices for the use of these products. For a description of all functions, please see the ACI Glossary of Functional Classes. This data was gathered during the compilation of the inventory in order to support the development of exposure assessments for each substance.

For more detail regarding our exposure assessment methodology, please see the ACI Compilation of Exposure Assessments Methodology Document

How can I learn more about the ACI Compilation of Exposure Assessments?

Compilation of the exposure assessments for the cleaning product ingredients was the third step in ACI’s CPISI which is an ongoing effort to provide easier access to human health and environmental safety data for the chemical ingredients used in consumer cleaning products manufactured by ACI members. This effort supports the long term goal of the CPISI project to conduct screening-level risk assessment to describe the safe use of every ingredient. For more information regarding the ACI Compilation of Exposure Assessments, you may contact ACI directly by completing the Contact Us form.

Exposure Assessments for the Ingredients in ACI’s Ingredient Inventory

The table below lists all the ingredients identified in the Ingredient Inventory; clicking on each ingredient name will lead to a new page that provides a table of the different product types in which that ingredient is found. On that page, each product type link directs to a new page that shows the specific potential exposure pathways and exposure assessment(s) that apply to the selected ingredient in that product type. The table can be searched by entering either the ingredient CAS number or name into the search box below.