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2016 ACI Convention & 90th Anniversary Celebration

The Convention & 90th Anniversary Celebration attracted over 930 attendees from 177 organizations and 30 different countries to network and make connections with other industry and business leaders. View Gallery


National Awards

2016 Healthy Schools, Healthy People, It’s a SNAP

Long Beach High School students honored by ACI, CDC  View Gallery


Consumer Outreach

Clean Your Paws for Santa Claus

Help children practice good handwashing behavior with this holiday poster and coloring sheet.  View Gallery

St Patrick's Day - Going Beyond Green to be Clean

Keep Germs Away on St. Patrick's Day and Every Day! View Gallery

Keep Calm and Celebrate Global Handwashing Day

Keep Calm and Celebrate Global Handwashing Day! View Gallery

Don't Do the Flu 2016 Art Gallery

Say boo to the flu...Download your copy then color, scan and send your finished coloring sheet to so that we can add it to our art gallery! View Gallery