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2017 Convention Registration is Open

Register for the ACI Convention Today!

Imagine attending a meeting where the world of cleaning is in one convenient place, one where attendees can engage in high-level business interactions. An industry event where you can attend speaker sessions, charity events, business meetings and network with business and industry leaders. Click on the image above to register today!

Melissa Hockstad

Melissa Hockstad Named New ACI President & CEO

Effective Jan. 1, Melissa Hockstad will become ACI’s new President & CEO, succeeding Ernie Rosenberg. Click above for more details.

ACI Launches Cold Water Saves Campaign

ACI Launches Cold Water Saves Campaign

The Cold Water Saves Campaign will debut on November 9-11 at NC State! Learn more about the benefits of cold water washing. Click above for more details!

sopay hands handwashing

Protecting Consumer Access to Antibacterial Soaps

The FDA may be on the brink of banning safe and effective products, essentially eliminating consumer choice for millions of Americans, according to scientists from ACI. Click above for more details.

WhatsNew ACI Science

Innovative Safety Assessment Techniques Avoid Animal Testing

New research from ACI scientists describe innovative research methods that avoid the uses of animal tests to fill in data gaps for high production volume chemicals. Click the image above for more details.

ACI KeyPledge whats new 11182015

The KEY Pledge encourages families to keep liquid laundry packets out of the reach of children, and to educate other parents and caregivers of young children about the safe use and storage of these laundry products. Click the image above to take the KEY Pledge.

23 Jan
2017 ACI Annual Meeting & Industry Convention

Registration is open for the 2017 ACI Annual Meeting & Industry Convention at Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida for high-level business interaction and networking with some of the most influential companies in the world.

06 Jun
2017 ACI Mid-Year Meeting

The 2017 ACI Mid-Year Meeting will be held in Washington DC: June 6-8.

12 Sep
2017 ACI Fall Meeting

The 2017 ACI Fall Meeting will be held in Washington, DC September 12-14.