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ACI Response: Proposed FDA Rules on Hand Sanitizers

As the FDA proposed new rules for hand sanitizers, ACI says consumers can continue to use these products with confidence like they do every day. Click above for more details.

WhatsNew Poison Prevention 2016

With ACI Activity Sheet, You Can Help Prevent Accidents

A new ACI coloring sheet for provides parents and caregivers an easy way to help prevent accidents in the home. Click above for more details.

WhatsNew Policy

ACI Statement: Chemical Safety Bill Signed Into Law

The enactment of new chemical safety legislation is "the culmination of an incredible journey," says ACI. Click above for details.

WhatsNew Soapy Warriors 2

“Soapy Warriors” Earn National Hygiene Award

A group of Long Beach, CA students’ “Soapy Warriors” handwashing campaign earned national honors from ACI and CDC. Click above for more details.

Whats New ACI Better Living Video

Clean, Healthy, Happy: ACI Video Captures What Cleaning Products Bring to Everyday Life

Every day, cleaning product manufacturers and their suppliers enhance health and quality of life through products and chemistries that are a part of better living for society at-large. Click the image to view ACI’s new video.

WhatsNew STEM Classroom

Make STEM Fun: ACI Video, Activity Kits Teach “The Science Behind Soap”

ACI unveiled a new video and classroom activity kit to help teach “The Science Behind Soap,” the theme for ACI’s exhibit at the USA Science & Engineering Festival. Click above for more details.

03 Jul
2016 Family, Career and Community Leaders of America National Leadership Conference

ACI is a long time supporter of FCCLA, and we will be exhibiting again this year at the 2016 FCCLA National Leadership Conference in San Diego, CA.

26 Aug
Advancing the Science Webinar Series: Chemical-Induced Asthma

Scott Dotson (NIOSH) – Setting exposure limits for Chemical Allergens: Understanding the Challenges

12 Sep
2016 National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Annual Session & Exhibits

ACI will exhibit and present the 2016 "Clean and Healthy Families & Communities Award" Program Award in Big Sky, MT.