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  May/June 2015 Issue
Cleaning Matters
Laundry IT’S GETTING HOT OUT THERE. And getting out there (outside) often means getting dirty! As you and your family enjoy more outdoor activities, it’s likely that your laundry pile will heat up, too! Between sports, playgrounds, yard work, and the spring cleaning of household fabrics, managing your laundry pile is easier with a few tips. See ACI’s recommendations for how often to wash a variety of common wardrobe items and linens.
Surfaces DON’T HAND THOSE GERMS TO ME! Reconnecting with friends means sharing stories, photos, and, unfortunately, germs! Whether hosting a get-together or heading to a group event, remember to keep your germs to yourself. Germs can easily spread whenever you shake hands, show posts on your phone, or share sporting equipment. Take ACI’s handwashing IQ quiz to see if you’re in the know.
Handwashing CELL PHONES AND GERMS GO HAND IN HAND. You use your cell phone every day. It goes from your pocket or purse to your face. You hand it to your kid to play a game, take it into the bathroom with you, and leave it by your bed at night. And everywhere your phone goes, germs follow…but they don’t have to. Check out these tips for cleaning your cell phone and case.
Dishes DIRTY DISHES ARE A FACT OF LIFE. Cleaning your dishes in less time with maximum effectiveness means making sure your automatic dishwasher is working at its best. Here are three tips: avoid overcrowding; monitor the temperature and hardness of your water; and, check out these basic troubleshooting tips for getting the sparkling results every time you open your dishwasher door!
is the biggest, most globally celebrated day for positive environmental action and you can do your part! It’s easy to be environmentally savvy when you buy, use, and dispose of household cleaning products. ACI offers tips to make sure you’re making the right choices each step of the way.
Ask Nancy It’s picnic season! Should I clean or disinfect my summer serving trays and utensils? Click here to find out.
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